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  • Extraction of Benzene
    Extraction of Benzene
    Extraction of benzene material Introduction: Here, the extraction of benzene material is one of the coal tar oil from which benzene can be extracted, also called debenzolized washing oil. Extraction of benzene material is brown liquid state. It contains...
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  • Debenzolized Oil
    Debenzolized Oil
    Debenzolized oil Introduction : The debenzolized oil , it is the oil for washing benzeneand other fraction, also called debenzolized oil, extraction of benzene, brown liquid state. It is a complex mixture containing quinoline, isoquinoline, indole,...
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  • Coal Tar Fuel Oil
    Coal Tar Fuel Oil
    Coal tar fuel oil Brief description: Coal tar fuel oil is one of the brown oil state products, the fraction from coal tar or petroleum, 230 ° C ~ 300 ° C. Because of its characteristics of solubility and similarity with part of coal tar and petroleum, it...
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  • Acenaphthene CAS:83-32-9
    Acenaphthene CAS:83-32-9
    Acenaphthene Traits : White or slightly oblique oblique needle crystal. Very slightly soluble in water, soluble in hot ether, hot benzene, toluene, glacial acetic acid, chloroform and petroleum ether, micro Soluble in ethanol, flammable. It is extracted...
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  • Dibenzofuran CAS:132-64
    Dibenzofuran CAS:132-64
    Dibenzofuran Introduction: Dibenzofuran is a heterocyclic organic compound with the chemical structure shown at right. It is an aromatic compound that has two benzene rings fused to a central furan ring. All the numbered carbon atoms have a hydrogen atom...
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  • Diphenylene Oxide
    Diphenylene Oxide
    Diphenylene oxide Other names: Dibenzo[b,d]furan(purity):Dibenzofuran Introduction: Diphenylene oxide is a heterocyclic compounds with two benzene rings and one furan structure. Also known as dibenzofuran or biphenyl oxygen.It is one of the model compounds...
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  • Methylnaphthalene
    Methylnaphthalene Introduction: Methylnaphthalene, naphthalene ring has a hydrogen atom is methyl substituted naphthalene homologues, is one of the high-temperature coal tar processing products, there are two isomers, namely 1-methylnaphthalene (also known...
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  • Dycar Mn
    Dycar Mn
    Dycar mn Specification: Dycar mn is colorless liquid. Freezing point -22°C (7.6°F). Boiling point 240-243°C (464-469°F). Flash point 82°C (180°F). Denser than water. Derived from coal tar and used in organic synthesis. Air & Water Reactions Insoluble...
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  • Methylnaftalen
    Methylnaftalen Other names: dycar mn; methylnaphthalene; monomethylnaphthalene; tetrosin mnlf; 1-methylnaphthalene Introduction: Methylnaftalen is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH). It is present in cigarette smoke, wood smoke, tar, asphalt, and at...
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  • Monomethylnaphthalene
    Monomethylnaphthalene Introduction: Monomethylnaphthalene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH). It has a cetane number of zero, and was previously used as the lower reference for cetane number.Monomethylnaphthalene: colorless oily liquid. There is a...
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  • Tetrosin Mnlf
    Tetrosin Mnlf
    Tetrosin mnlf Specification: Tetrosin mnlf: colorless oily liquid.Freezing point -22°C (7.6°F). Boiling point 240-243°C (464-469°F). Flash point 82°C (180°F).Insoluble in water, soluble in benzene, soluble in ethanol, ether. Introduction and preparation:...
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  • 1-methylnaphthalene CAS:90-12-0
    1-methylnaphthalene CAS:90-12-0
    1-methylnaphthalene Specification: 1-methylnaphthalene: colorless oily liquid. There is a similar smell of naphthalene. Volatile with steam. Preparation of 1-methylnaphthalene: Distillate oil fractions were cut from 240 ~ 245 ° C methylnaphthalene...
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