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Min 99% Fluorene

Min 99% Fluorene

Fluorene is Small white pieces of crystal,Fluorene is insoluble in water and soluble in many organic solvents

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Fluorene (CAS NO 86-73-7)




Fluorene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, and forms from white crystals that exhibit a characteristic, aromatic odor similar to that of naphthalene.China's Shanxi Province is rich in fluorene resources. Fluorene, as a high value-added functional polymer material and pharmaceutical material, plays an important role in the combination of the coking industry with the emerging electronics industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Shanxi Province encourages coal chemical enterprises to make full use of the value of fluorene, which will help increase the economic efficiency and competitiveness of coal chemical enterprises.


1) High production capacity: Xiaoyi Jinjing Chemical is a factory to produce fluorene products for 11 years, and its annual production capacity is up to 3000 tons per year.

2) High purity: Because of 11-years manufacturing experience, there are three kinds of purity available for our fluorene products, Min96%, Min98% and Min99% for your choices.

3) Best price: As we are and factory directly supplier, we have our own mass production advantages to offer a relatively lower price for customers than the trading company.


1) Ligand properties: fluorene and its derivatives can be deprotonated to give ligands akin to cyclopentadienide.

2) Pharmacy additives: Fluorene is an organic substance used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals (antispasmodic agents, sedatives, analgesics, antihypertensive drugs).

3) Organic synthesis: Fluorene can be used for producing dyes,instead of anthraquinone synthetic indantine dyes).

4) Pesticide products additives: Fluorene can be used in synthetic insecticides, herbicides. 

Fluorene can also be used as additive materials of resin, detergents, organic synthesis of chemical products like trinitrofluorenone and aryl transparent nylon, and so on.





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