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Min 99% Fluorene Einecs No 201-695-5

Min 99% Fluorene Einecs No 201-695-5

Fluorene is Small white pieces of crystal,Fluorene is insoluble in water and soluble in many organic solvents

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Fluorene (CAS NO 86-73-7)



Basis introduction;

Fluorene is one of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, extracted from coal tar products. Fluorene is used to produce fluorenone, lumefantrine, 2, 7- Dichlorofuorene (2,7 -dichloro-9-fluorene), and fluorene also used to make pharmaceuticals, dye intermediate, synthetic pesticides, herbicides and so on.

CAS No.: 86-73-7

MDL No.: MFCD00001111

EINECS No. 201-695-5

RTECS number: LL5670000

BRN No .: 1363491

PubChem: 24847846

Special note:

1) Fluorene is toxic, intraperitoneal injection of LD50260mg / kg. The operator should wear protective equipment.

2) Exist in the flue gas.

3) Easy to sublimate in high vacuum.


Fluorene is an important organic synthesis of raw materials. Fluorene polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is a coal tar, a wide range of uses, can be synthesized trinitrofluorenone, aromatic transparent nylon, Indanthrene, is an important organic synthesis of raw materials; fluorene can be used for the preparation of drugs, synthetic resins , Dyes and various additives, can also be used to produce detergents, wetting agents, liquid glitter, pesticides, photographic materials and liquid crystal compounds. For example, 9,9-bis- (2-carboxyethyl) fluorene can be used to prepare a polyimide resin, and 2-dialkyl aminoacetyl fluorenone can be used as an analgesic and antispasmodic agent, 9-fluorenone-2-carboxy Amino alcohol esters can be used as local anesthetics, 2-dialkyl aminomethyl fluorene antispasmodics, analgesics and antihypertensives, and 5-fluorenecarboxylic acid is a plant growth-stimulating hormone.





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