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Recovery And Utilization Of Waste Heat From Washing Oil

- Jan 12, 2018 -

In recent years, affected by the global economic crisis, iron ore prices remain high, steel prices continue to decline, China's steel industry has entered the whole industry loss. In the current extremely grim market situation, China's major iron and steel enterprises intensified competition, in the past, extensive process design and unreasonable production process gradually revealed great drawbacks, seriously affecting the cost and profit of iron and steel enterprises.

TAR Workshop annual tar processing capacity of up to 120,000 tons, of which the wash oil yield of about 8%, has been washed naphthalene oil production amount of about 20% of the amount of tar processing. Industrial naphthalene distillation system to produce a temperature of about 260 ℃ wash oil, through the oil washing tube cooler through the circulation of water cooling to 40 ℃, into the storage and transportation class washing oil production trough outside, washing oil products waste heat has not been effectively used.

Transformation measures

1, washed naphthalene oil trough heating pipeline parallel

The original washed naphthalene oil trough steam heating import and export pipelines are parallel to a DN50 heat transfer supervisor, export heat transfer in charge of the set control valve, each Groove heat transfer pipeline import and export department respectively set control valve control heat transfer medium flow path.

2, washing oil extraction pipeline connection

From the oil recovery pipeline external DN50 pipeline, connected to the washed naphthalene oil trough heat transfer inlet of the main road, the use of gate valve control. The naphthalene oil tank heat exchange Outlet main road is connected to the distillation second floor platform oil washing pipe cooler inlet pipe, using the gate valve control.

3. Steam Pipe Connection

The washed naphthalene oil groove heat transfer inlet supervisor is connected with the steam supervisor in the middle Groove area, and the cut-off valve is used to control the heat transfer outlet of the washed naphthalene oil groove, and an external steam heating diffuse tube is used, and the closing valve is controlled and the end is connected with the trap.