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Protective Measures Of Three-nitro-ketone

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Appearance and character: light yellow needle-like crystallization. Main purpose: Used as chemical reagent.

Engineering control: Closed operation, local ventilation.

Respiratory protection: High concentrations in the air, it is recommended to wear gas masks.

Eye Protection: Wear chemical safety protective glasses when necessary.

Protective clothing: Wear anti-static overalls.

Hand Protection: wear protective gloves.

Other: Smoking is strictly prohibited at the work site. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Avoid long-term repeated contact.

Leakage disposal: Cut off the ignition source. Wear masks and gloves. Use a spark-free tool to collect in a plastic barrel and ship it to an open place to detonate. such as a large amount of leakage, collection of recovery or harmless treatment after abandonment.