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Preparation Of 9-Fmoc By By-product Of Benzoic Acid

- Jan 15, 2018 -

One of the products from the chemical by-products of the market to extract the shortage of 9-butanone technology from Hebei Tong Source group successfully developed. Reporter November 17 in the source company interview, the use of this process to extract 9-Fmoc is a light yellow crystal, compared with the traditional extraction of 9-fmoc more delicate, even. The successful development of the process has changed the history of the past 9-Fmoc only extracted from coal tar.

At present, the new technology industrialization device has been put into construction, it is expected to go into production at the end. At the same time, the group of researchers also extracted from the chemical by-products of the extremely high value-added 3-phenyl benzoic acid and 4-phenyl benzoic acid has also completed the separation experiment, industrial devices will be completed and put into production. This technology has been declared the Science and Technology Progress award of Hebei Province.

9-Fmoc is an expensive fine chemical material, mainly used in the field of functional polymers, but also used in medicine, pesticides, dyes and so on. At present, the traditional 9-butanone production process is extracted and synthesized from coal tar. However, the 9-Fmoc extracted from this process contains sulfur impurities and cannot meet the quality requirements of high-grade products. At the same time, this traditional process cost is high, the production enterprise loss is serious, has caused many enterprises to stop production, 9-butanone market supply extremely shortage.