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Overview Of The Industrial Factory

- Jan 15, 2018 -

It is a heavy-ring aromatic hydrocarbon with two benzene rings and a ring-butadiene structure, also known as two benzene and five rings, and the molecular structure is C13H10, which is an important organic synthetic material. Industrial Fmoc is a kind of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in coal tar, widely used, can synthesize three nitro ketone, aromatic transparent nylon, Shan Danslin, is an important organic synthesis raw material, can use to produce medicaments, synthetic resin, dye and various auxiliaries, can also use for producing detergent, wetting agent, liquid flash agent, pesticide, Photosensitive materials and liquid crystal compounds. Because of its special structure, it is widely used in the organic synthesis industry. In the past, the demand for this product has been abroad, in recent years the domestic demand has increased greatly, the market prospect of this product is very good. For example, Angang chemical Labor Clothing Company and Angang Chemical plant in the original production industry, based on the joint development of the production of industrial Fmoc, the new process, that is, the use of heavy washing as raw materials, direct distillation, washing crystallization, can be high purity of this product.