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How Often Should The Mechanical Watch Be Washed And Maintained?

- Jan 12, 2018 -

How long should the mechanical watch wash the oil? The answer to this question is divergent, often heard the saying is 3-5 years in the factory to wash oil maintenance once; however, in fact, more than 10 years did not wash oil, but still normal time when the table is not a few, in the end the correct maintenance cycle should be how often?

In fact, as long as the mechanical structure, can avoid the need for regular maintenance lubrication, mechanical Watch also escape this law. As for the 3-5-year-old claim that oil must be washed, it is naturally not groundless, because the lubricating oil in the movement will gradually dry, produce sludge, affect the smoothness of travel time, then need to wash oil maintenance; however, the frequency of washing oil is not conclusive, depending on the lubricant used and personal wear and the environment of the wearer.

Generally speaking, when the new table full chain of the balance amplitude of about 280°~310°, but a long time, travel gear wheel bearing lubricating oil gradually evaporate, the amplitude is less and less, transmission power efficiency is also getting worse. Therefore, it is generally recommended that the amplitude below 250 degrees, should carry out the washing oil maintenance; There are also many tables for more than 5 years without washing oil, the amplitude can still be maintained at 250 degrees, but even if normal operation, it is best not more than 8 years do not wash oil, lest the damage caused by

The wear situation on the washing oil frequency will also have an impact, in principle, the more often wear the table parts more easily wear, while less wear, the parts are not easy to wear, but also do not ignore such as the time spent too long, lubricating oil natural volatile situation.