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Extraction Methods And Uses Of Industrial Fmoc

- Jan 15, 2018 -

The extraction method of this product has two kinds: distillation method and potassium melting method.

(1) Distillation method. The heavy wash oil of the oil front fraction of Anthracene Petroleum is 290~310℃, the distillation column of 60 tower plate is distilled, and the 293~297℃ is cut to extract the narrow fraction by distillation. The narrow fractions were separated by cooling, crystallization and centrifugation. The purity of the xylene-water mixed solvent recrystallization was about 95%.

(2) Potassium melting method. The raw material is 290~310℃. A narrow fraction of 292~302℃ was cut by distillation of the Fmoc distillate. The 280~300℃ was melted and hydrolyzed by adding potassium hydroxide from the narrow fractions, and the impurities were obtained. After distillation, the fractions obtained from the 292~298℃ are obtained by recrystallization. From the industrial factory, in addition to the use of xylene-water mixed solvent recrystallization, there will be industrial solution in benzene, with dilute sulfuric acid washing, and then neutralized with alkali, and water washing, remove the solvent, and then by distillation and alcohol recrystallization method.


This product is an important organic synthetic material. Industrial Fmoc is a kind of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in coal tar, widely used, can synthesize three nitro ketone, aromatic transparent nylon, Shan Danslin, is an important organic synthesis raw material, can use to produce medicaments, synthetic resin, dye and various auxiliaries, can also use for producing detergent, wetting agent, liquid flash agent, pesticide, Photosensitive materials and liquid crystal compounds. such as 9,9-bis-(2-carboxy ethyl) can be used to prepare polyimide resin, 2-two alkyl acetamide can be used as analgesics and spasm agents, 9-Fmoc-carboxy-amino-alcohol ester can be used as local anesthetic, 2-two alkyl-methyl-FMOC is a spasm, analgesic and antihypertensive drug, and 5-Fmoc is a plant growth stimulator.