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China (Beijing) International Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition

- Oct 12, 2018 -

China (Beijing) International Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition

  21-23 Nov 2018   

China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

"An important influence in the international top exhibition brands, designed to further enhance and expand the influence of China's coal chemical industry in the global."

China Beijing International Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition will take place in Beijing, China for three consecutive days. The primary objective of this international trade show is to make the coal chemical industry aware of the latest and advanced techniques which help in the advancement of this industry. This event will bring forward the importance and value of professional coal equipments in the recent times. Professional experts from all over the world will also attend this event. China Beijing International Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition is a must attend event for the coal equipments manufacturers, representatives of well known enterprises related to this field and technical experts. In this event these experts will get a scope to share their expertise with the attendees.


Exhibitor Profile


The exhibitors of China Beijing International Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition will exhibit the latest products and services including coal chemical equipment, pulverized coal, coal slurry processing equipment, ball mill, grinding stripping machine, dryer, mixer, grinding machines, grinding machines, filter slurry equipment, coal gasification equipment, nozzle, high temperature thermocouple, surface thermocouple, mass transfer equipment, packing plate tower, packed tower, distillation recycling tower, absorber, the reaction equipment, tubular reactor slurry the state bed reactor, closed calcium carbide furnace, enrichment equipment, thickener, cans condensed, concentrated, concentrated pot, heat transfer equipment, radiators, heat exchangers, heaters, coolers, evaporators, condensers, storage and transportation equipment, tanks, tankers, tanks, storage and transport container, conveyor equipment, conveyor, hoisting machine, feeding machine, blower, fan, blower, compressor, high-pressure boilers, Pressure Vessels, air separation equipment, air separation equipment, air compressor, booster, oxygen compressor, carbon monoxide compressor, measuring instruments, inspection and test instruments, pressure gauge, hot analytical instruments, mass flow meter, feed pumps, centrifugal pumps, liquid oxygen pump, liquid nitrogen pump, lock hopper valves, valve of the coal slurry, slag water valve, wear resistant ball valve, high temperature valve, Blackwater reducing valve, environmental protection equipment, air purification equipment, water treatment equipment, chemical auxiliary equipment, power generation equipment, coal chemical production technology, coal gas technology, large scale methanol, dimethyl ether production technology, coal gasification technology, coal polygeneration technology, gas separation process and environmental technology, coke, coal tar, coal tar and its deep processing products, calcium carbide, chemical fertilizers and coal chemical products.