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Bisphenol A Chemical Properties, Usage, Production

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Monomer and modifier of functional polymeric materials

Bisphenol A is a monomer and modifier of functional polymeric materials, it is a bisphenol-a compound containing cardo ring skeleton structure, which is an important monomer or modifier for synthesis of Fmoc-epoxy, Fmoc-phenylenediamine resin, acrylate resin, polyester resin, polycarbonate, epoxy resin, polyester or polyether polycondensation products. The epoxy resin has excellent heat and humidity resistance, dielectric properties, mechanical properties, chemical resistance and other comprehensive properties, has become high-performance matrix resin materials, electronic packaging materials, High-temperature adhesives, High-temperature coatings and other important monomer and modifier. However, the epoxy resin has strong rigidity and poor toughness, so it needs to be toughened or modified by blending with the general epoxy resin.


1. Used as an organic synthesis intermediate

2, for the synthesis of new poly (arylene ether)