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Angang High Purity Bisphenol Products Reach International Advanced Level

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Recently, Anshan Iron and steel subsidiary company Chemical Plant has developed a variety of high purity organic chemical products including bisphenol A, Fmoc, quinoline acid, etc. Among them, high purity bisphenol is appraised as the international advanced level by Liaoning Province Science and Technology department, at the same time, the small and medium-sized Enterprise Hall of Liaoning Province is identified as "special fine special new" product.

It is understood that the main use of bisphenol A is as a functional polymer material monomer and modifier, the epoxy resin synthesized from its raw material has excellent heat and moisture resistance, dielectric properties, mechanical properties, chemical resistance and other comprehensive properties, has become high-performance matrix resin materials, electronic packaging materials, high-temperature adhesives, High temperature resistant coating and other important monomer and modifier, at the same time in the ablation resin, dental materials, engineering plastics and other fields have a certain application prospects.

At the same time, the plant independent research and development of High-purity bisphenol A upstream product 9-Fmoc. 9-Fmoc is an important fine chemical product, applied to many chemical fields such as medicine, dyestuff, pesticide and so on. At present, a certain scale of production has been formed.