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2018 China Furan Resin Industry Market Development Scale

- Jan 12, 2018 -

According to the "China furan Resin Market Forecast and Strategy Research Report (2018 edition)" published by the information consultation of the standing wood, it shows: furan resin refers to the use of furfuryl alcohol and furfural as raw materials produced by the general name of the resin, which in the role of strong acid curing insoluble solid, in the mechanical industry casting process as sand core binder, Widely used in automobiles, machine tools, ships, aircraft, wind power, general machinery, precision instruments and other products of the casting production and high-grade precision export castings production.

In the area of furan Resin, San Quan Group is the world's largest production base, the production capacity of 120,000 tons/year, accounting for about half of domestic demand, global demand of one-third. The company's market share in more than 40%, and achieve full product line global sales. In addition to a few domestic competitors, such as Suzhou Xingye, Hangzhou Tianyu, most of the professional sales force. and foreign competitors mainly in Japan Kao, Fosco mainly, their customers are relatively concentrated in a few Japanese enterprises and foreign companies.