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9H-Fluorenone MF C13H8O

9H-Fluorenone MF C13H8O

9H-fluorenone is Yellow crystalline,9H-fluorenone is an industrially very useful compound.

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9H-Fluorenone (EINECS NO 207-630-7)



9H-Fluorenone alias benzophenone, yellow rhombic crystallization, the temperature 84 ° C, the boiling point of 341.5 ° C. Soluble in alcohol and ether, do not dissolve in water.

9H-Fluorenone preparation:

(1)Liquid-phase oxidation. 9H-Fluorene is dissolved in an organic solvent,use Sodium dichromate,Tert-butyl hydroperoxide and other oxidizing agents.
(2)Air liquid oxidation. 9H-Fluorene is dissolved in an organic solvent,Add basic catalyst(NaOH,KOH)And phase transfer catalyst(PEG)Wait,With air as oxidant for oxidation.


One of the major uses of 9H-Fluorenone is as a raw material for functional polymer monomers, bisphenol fluorene is one of them.9H-Fluorenone derivatives as non-silver photosensitive material, 9h-fluorenone is another important application areas. 9H-Fluorenone itself is a variety of compounds such as acrylonitrile photopolymerization initiator.Used as pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates.9H-Fluorenone as a pharmaceutical intermediate can be synthesized a variety of drugs. 9H-Fluorenone can also be used as dye intermediates, can be used for the production of detergents, liquid glitter, etc. In short, 9H-Fluorenone is a widely used material.




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