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2-Nitro-fluoren-9-one MF C13H7NO3

2-Nitro-fluoren-9-one MF C13H7NO3

2-Nitro-fluoren-9-one is yellow crystalline

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2-Nitro-fluoren-9-one CAS NO 3096-52




A small amount of three nitro fluorenone (TNF, TNF/BAH = 0.005) can greatly improve the single layered photoconductor (TiOPc/BAH/PC system) photosensitivity. By means of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), ultraviolet visible spectroscopy (UV) and cyclic voltammetry (CV), 2-Nitro-fluoren-9-one is found that with the increase of TNF concentration, charge transfer complexes form between TNF and BAH, resulting in the decrease of photosensitivity of photoconductor. The photoconductivity of InClPc nanoparticles, which is prepared by the solution of complex solution, is greatly improved.

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