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Fluorene MF C13H10

Fluorene MF C13H10

Fluorene is Small white pieces of crystal,Fluorene is insoluble in water and soluble in many organic solvents

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Fluorene (EINECS NO 201-695-5)




Industrial fluorene belongs to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,is an important organic synthesis raw material.It can be used for pharmaceutical ,dyestuff, synthetic resins, synthetic pesticides and agrochemical, herbicides and so on.


1) Fluorene in high temperature tar contains about 1.0-2.0%, the fractions of fluorene from 290-310 ° C were cut from the wash oil fraction, then to use distillation column similar to 115 theoretical plates to refined fraction, reflux ratio 15:1, to cut the narrow fraction of 292-302° C . By cooling, crystallization, centrifugal separation, to obtain crude fluorene, and then re-crystallization of benzene or xylene 1:25, to obtain industrial fluorene. The industrial fluorene was dissolved in benzene, washed with 40% sulfuric acid, neutralized and washed with water, desolventized, and the fluorene was distilled again. The distillate was re-crystallized with gasoline and ethanol to obtain pure fluorene of 95% purity.

2) Under the catalysis of ferric chloride, biphenyl and dichloromethane reaction.


(1) Fluorene can synthesize trinitrofluorenone, aromatic transparent nylon and Indanthrene dye;

(2)Fluorene can be used to manufacture drugs, dyestuff, synthetic resins, synthetic insecticides, herbicides;

(3) Fluorene can be used for producing of impact plexiglass and fluorene formaldehyde resin;

(4) Fluorene can be used to produce detergents, wetting agents, liquid glitters, disinfectants, photographic materials and liquid crystal compounds;

(5) Fluorene can be used for electrostatic printing.




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